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We have created a new disposable vape pen technology for cannabis/ hash oils or just plain e-liquids. Perfect for those who are tired of the old cotton fibers soaking up liquid and burning up. We can cater to any vape pen/ vaporizer pen wholesale needs.

This new patented design allows you to fill in your own liquids and uses an internal tank. Can be used on one piece disposables or 2 piece rechargeables.

Perfect for businesses who still uses the old cartomizer type ecigs and want to switch. Can come in any kind of threading you wish. Smooth transition. Also perfect for hemp/ hash/ CBD/ Honey Co2 extract concentrate oils/ cannabis companies that needs to fill in their own oils, to make disposables or cartridges.

They are 2 versions for different needs. If you need to fill in your own liquids, there will be a removable cap. If you need a truly disposable version, then we fill in liquids and seal it in our factory before we ship it to you. This way, they will be able to be used right out of the box.

For vaping cannabis oil, the most important part is the product (oil), The device should not be too much of an inconvenience or cost too much. Our disposable pens are only around $2++ and they come in one piece. It includes a battery and an atomizer all in one piece. Fill it with cannabis liquids and deliver it to the hands of your customers, ready to use. They can come with a button or without (automatically activated by puffing). The appearance is fully customizable. View video of how simple it is here – http://youtu.be/Uj7_z7EbrL8

1) No more risk of cotton burning and/ or other health risks related to toxins released by the cotton fibers.

2) Dramatically decrease labor cost, as filling is made very very easy!

3) You can test the unit for defectiveness BEFORE filling in the oils. This dramatically decreases/ eliminates any product losses.

4) This technology/ solution can come as a one piece disposable or a 2 piece battery + cartridge version.

5) You can choose to use a window sticker to show users the liquid amount left in the cartridge/ tank so there will be no more second guesses (see attached picture for example. Can be done for both disposable and cartridges)

6) Price is comparable to the older/ other versions. Even the battery + cartridge version is relatively much more economical. Price is guaranteed to be only a fraction of your current solution.

Its like selling hash oil to customers but with a free vaporizer attached! How great is that? And how are your competitors going to handle that? Don’t let anyone else smoke this:

Burnt Cartomizer

The pictures in the link are examples how how they can be used in the current 2 piece cartomizer models. You can also view a simple video I made for the disposable that has a removable cap for self filling.

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