Production1The e-cigarette industry changes at a rapid pace. We have the ability to offer all the electronic vaporizer pen models available in the market today. Nothing is out of our reach. If custom manufacturing is required, we can work with you from the conceptualizing stages right up to prototype and mass production.

We believe in manufacturing based on our client’s needs instead of making our clients order based on what we have. Therefore, our resources are best spent on servicing our clients rather than spending hours with a Photoshop editor, uploading hundreds of products online every day. Amazingly, this is really how some people work!

 Contact us today! Let us know what you need and we promise to deliver only the best products and customer service at the most reasonable prices!


Our specialization are in the disposables (for both e-liquids and cannabis oils – patented design!), dry herb, wax and liquid clearomizers, atomizers, cartomizers, all types of batteries including but not limited to 510, 808D EGO, Twists, MODS, Variable Voltage and Wattage.

We are also more than happy to work on custom manufacturing projects. Nothing is out of our reach!

Send us an email at, Skype us (Skype ID: absolutelyecigs) or simply just pick up the phone and call us (+86 15919936966).

Do not even worry about the time zone differences. At Alfinity Tech, we are all light sleepers!

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